Composing A Problem Solution Essay: 5 Golden Rules To Keep In Mind

Your problem solution essay needs a firm foundation to stand on in order to be taken seriously. Not only will you be presenting a problem, you will also be formulating and offering up the best solution to the problem. You must support your reasoning why it’s the best solution, as well as be able to provide adequate proof.

Here are 5 golden rules that will help you organize, write and polish your essay:

  1. Organize your ideas into a table or start an outline. Write down everything you want to include, whether it relates to the problem or the solution. This step is like making a model for you to follow. Sort problem ideas and solution ideas into separate categories. You also need some strong supporting ideas for your argument.
  2. Write out the problem, adding any necessary details so the reader has no doubts what you are presenting.
  3. What is the main solution you will be offering? Use the problem and main solution idea to formulate your thesis statement. In this statement, you will be indicating to the reader exactly the point you are trying to put across in this essay. The entire body of research and evidence you present will be based upon this one sentence.
  4. Do your research. As you uncover new pieces of information, you can add them to your outline. Organize them in a logical manner so that your outline flows freely from one main point to the next with each point being supported by evidence as you go along.
  5. Use your outline to write your first draft. Start at the beginning and follow the same logical pattern for your writing, using your outline as the model. Once this has been accomplished, look over your paper and see if there are any areas that need further explanation. Complete your second draft. See if there are any edits that need to be made. Polish it up by giving it a good proofread for any mistakes and clean them up. You may want to get someone else to also proofread it and catch anything you’ve missed.

Your essay is now completed and ready to hand in. It makes the writing so much easier when you follow a tried and true pattern such as the one above. Stay focused and don’t skip any steps along the way.

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