How Do I Write a Narrative Essay:

an Academic Tutorial

Narrative essay writing can be more fun than writing other kinds of essays simply because they are far more open to your interpretation. Essentially, writing a narrative essay is the same as writing a story, except the story you’re telling is true.

Prepare to write your narrative essay

Before you write, take some steps to decide what you’re writing about and how you will tell the story.

Include all story-telling elements

Once you’ve created your outline and are ready to write, remember that you are narrating, you are telling a story in essay format. Therefore your essay should contain all the elements of a story.

Review and revise

The first draft will almost always need lots of correction and revision. Take a little time away from the first draft, a few days if you can but even as little as fifteen minutes is helpful, and then come back to your draft.

Proofread for small grammar errors, misspellings, typos, etc.

Run through it again with a fine-tooth comb. For this step, you’re not so much reading your draft as you are examining it. Look for small errors that don’t affect readability as much as they just look sloppy.

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