How To Write Narrative Essay By Using An Online Example

In some ways a narrative essay is one of the easiest to write. This is because it is a personal piece of writing. You are telling a story from beginning to end in which you have a personal involvement. You may have seen this event or story taking place or you may even have been involved personally in this story. So while it's true you can do some research to perhaps get some background information for your narrative essay, basically you are writing it from personal experience.

Another fact of life is that the Internet has thousands of online examples of different types of essays including narrative essays. The old-fashioned system on learning by rote comes into play here. You go online, you look at many examples of narrative essays and you ask a number of questions. The answers you get will help you create a really strong and interesting narrative essay. Here are some of the questions to ask to improve your narrative essays.

It is most important that you can express the main idea of your story in a single sentence. Less is more and simplicity is important. So in reading the online examples, can you see in a nutshell a description of the story?

Reading the mark given and the comments from the examiner can be very beneficial. If the narrative essay online you are reading gets a very high score and some complimentary comments, these can help you when you create your narrative essay. Follow the good points as listed on this essay.

If you are telling a story, it is important that the tension or excitement of the title builds to reach a climax towards the end of your essay. Do the examples you are reading online follow this principle? Plan your story so that there is a build up to the conclusion.

You'll need to choose a title for your narrative essay and this should be eye-catching but also appropriate to the content. Look at the title chosen for the narrative essays online and ask yourself if they match the content of the actual essay.

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