Personal Essay Prompts: Writing A Draft

When you have been given the assignment of writing an essay with the use of a specific prompt, it can often help to work through a couple of steps before your get to writing. Some of the most important steps include:

Once you have completed all of the above detailed steps, you will be ready to get started with the drafting process. Writing a first draft does not have to be as challenging as some people make it sound. You can start out with writing about the topic in a way that you would casually communicate the information to a friend. This will help you to get the facts that you want to include in to sentence and paragraph form. Many people over think the drafting process and spend entirely too much time trying to get the writing process perfect on the first go around. The truth is that you waste a lot of time this way.

If you just get the information that you have already organized in to paragraph form, then the editing process will be easier with the paper already written down. When you try to edit as you write, and try to predict or anticipate all of the challenges you will have with the writing process, you will end up accidentally creating other writing challenges for yourself. Instead, you should just force yourself to get down the complete sentences in a specific time frame and then go back and edit the paper at a different time. Some of the benefits to taking a break from writing the paper include:

Once you have taken a break, you are ready to go back to your first draft and give it a first read through in order to find mistakes and errors.

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