Women Rights

Whereas the professors appear to be rather unanimous in their views of the absence of any single global pattern of granting women voting rights, their perspectives are a little different with regard to the United States. To specify, Dr.Kuhlman is comparing the United States with some other nations and comes to the conclusion that the U.S. was faster to grant women suffrage. Dr. Kuhlman relates this fact to question of differences in religion. For instance, she says that in Canada, in province of Quebec, with Catholicism being the main religion, females got this right much later than in the neighboring protestant United States.

In her turn, Woodworth-Ney is making the point that a clear difference could be identified between how exactly the right to vote for the population of women was growing in various parts of the country. According to the professor, Texas and Wyoming are two examples of the opposing parties in this context: while in Wyoming females had been given suffrage long before that was done at the federal level, in Texas strong anti-suffrage positions were present. Thus, the pattern was East vs West concerning this. Importantly, the anti-slavery movements were key factors which were preceding the adoption of women’s suffrage, along with passage of rather similar laws in several European countries, including Germany.

Some other concerns expressed were women’s poor education, lack of a chance of influencing the public sphere, rigorous restriction to only home activities, no legal rights, no chance to influence the political affairs, as well as lack of legal rights (for instance, women did not have such right as to sue). These concerns were not resolved by the achievement of suffrage.

Now let us now consider whether the change should be thought of as gradual or drastic. It was gradual of course. The evolution was a result of the emergence, first of all, of the anti-slavery movement. The latter had been supported by many women activists. Besides, many organizations run by women were active and it had paved the way for voting rights adoption.

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