Essay Writing Advice: Where to find Proofread Samples

Where to find proofread samples, is always going to be a question, especially for newer students. It is not that they are hard to find, it is knowing where to look for them. Finding proofread Essay samples is actually easy to find. And many students have some in their own rooms, without even realizing it.

  1. Journals
  2. Textbooks and Handbooks
  3. Websites
  4. Academic Anthologies
  5. Caution


All academic and trade journals have essays as well as standard informative articles. Nothing goes into these prints without proper proof reading and editing. Reading some home journal, or common news stand magazine may or may not proofread everything that goes into them. But they are not accredited journals either. Many students have some of these journals in their rooms for references in their school work.

Textbooks and Handbooks

Handbooks like the style guides, and writers' handbooks, are edited and proof read due to the nature of what they are there for. When they just like the textbooks have an essay sample, they have to correct in every detail. So yes, they are proofread and usable.


Now here there are more places to find good proofread essays. Many places of learning, not just Colleges and Universities, but Museums, and Student Help sites. Also, some commercial sites will have proof read essays promoting useful information associated with their business. This is common with green energy, medicine, and High Technology for example.

Academic Anthologies

Sometimes a researcher who does a lot of research for various businesses, or institutions, will publish an anthology of their works. Sometimes an institution will publish an anthology of works they had commissioned over the years. Either way, these are always going to be proofread and edited. The works can also cover a wide range of subjects, with different resources. Even though it is likely many of them may be out of date on their information. The quality of their style and form, will be of effective se to the student.


Many sites will have the display of a professional site, or say the essays are proof read. The problem is, some of these are not well done at all. Another thing is some journals and anthologies are the same way. When looking at these essays, do not assume that they are good, or bad, but remember the rules of writing an essay. If the essay does not fit those rules, then likely they are not proofread.

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