15 Controversial Essay Writing Topics On Education Abroad

Education itself is already a controversial topic, and then there are the many and varied offshoots, one of them being the subject of studying abroad. If you’ve been asked to write an essay on this subject, you’re in luck. There are plenty of controversial offshoots on this topic that you can write about. Following is a list of 15 great topics to get you started.

15 Controversial Essay Topics on Education Abroad

  1. Why are Western institutions favoured over other countries’ institutions when it comes to which degree you hold?
  2. Individualised curriculums vs. standardized curriculums.
  3. Do some institutions purposely make it difficult for students from third world countries to study there?
  4. Are Western students preferred to others when it comes to scholarships?
  5. Brains vs. money – do students with rich parents often get into Western institutions without much aptitude, while some with higher academic leanings get overlooked?
  6. Safety and health of students studying in third world countries – what steps, if any, are taken towards this?
  7. The impact of foreign students studying abroad on the country’s residents and economic system.
  8. Are students who study abroad more likely to rebel against their own country’s social standards as well as their upbringing?
  9. Does studying abroad heighten the chances of a student’s lack of responsiveness to their parents and guardians? Does it help promote concealment and secrecy of their activities?
  10. Are students who study abroad more prone to making impulsive and life-altering decisions and choices without the guidance of their parents and superiors?
  11. Are all students equal when they study abroad, or is there a variation in treatment and expectations –both from fellow students and well as the governing body?
  12. Are students “forced” to study abroad in order to be successful, due to their home country’s lack of social standing?
  13. What are the long-term effects, both positive and negative, that studying abroad has on a student?
  14. Does studying abroad increase risks in the student’s life, physically and mentally?
  15. Do the positive effects of foreign students outweigh the negative effects on the hosting country?

With this list, you should be well on your way to composing a great essay on the controversial topics regarding education abroad. Make sure to do plenty of research to back up your ideas – a well-planned and thought out essay is always better than one composed in a hurry. Be patient and methodical and it will turn out great.

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