10 Great Ideas for Composing a Literary Essay about the Kite Runner

Kite Runner is the first novel composed by Khaled Hosseini who lives in Kabul. This novel has showcased the tragic story of people who have the brunt of Russian invasion in 1981, They have also left their respective homes because of atrocities of Taliban militants. The whole place of Kabul was dominated by Kabul militants and foreign rulers who tortured innocent people. Before writing a good essay on Kite Runner, gather ingredients for the excellent composition of the content. There are 10 great ideas to compose a qualitative write-up on Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini.

First Idea

Collect the list of protagonist characters to write the content on Kite Runner. This novel is popular because of the true fusion of European art and Persian literature to produce a synergistic impact to impress readers. The pathetic scenario of the 1973-1981 needs to be highlighted in the write-up. Dawood Khan emerged as the tyrant leader to occupy the land of Kabul. The harvesting period was ceased due to the arrival of this autocrat ruler.

Second Idea

Make an overview characterization to write the content on Kite Runner. For instance, Assef’s heinous activities, Amir’s responsibility to rescue Sohrab and the friendship of Rahim Khan must be showcased in your essay. Therefore proper character analysis and image illustration must be handled using the delicate literary craftsmanship.

Third Idea

Do the novel reviewing before deciding to compose the write-up maintaining perfection and good aesthetic quality till the concluding part of the content.

Fourth Idea

Read the back ground of the political turmoil in Kabul way back to 1973-80 onwards. Specify the insurgency period in your write-up to describe the scenario in Afghanistan.

Fifth Idea

Learn about the aftermath effect of Russian invasion. In spite of the departure of Russian troops, Kabul was ruled by Taliban militants who were tyrants. Khaled Hosseini has painted the destructed and necropolis city of Kabul . Take few quoted lines to reframe your content.

Sixth Idea

Recognize the literary style of Khaled to compose this masterpiece. Your familiarity with his writing genre will give you scope to restructure the write-up nicely.

Seventh Idea

Identify the ambience in which Kabul was massacred at different times. The caustic realpolitik and complicated diplomacy ripped through Kabul to create tension. You need to present some examples and evidence to highlight the political disturbance and impasse.

Eighth Idea

Khaled is a genius novelist with expertise in blending both occidental and oriental writing styles. Firdusi’s poetic style has been imitated by this novel writer. In his novel, Khaled has tried to quest for peace and tranquility. Your write-up must visualize the mission and objectives of Khaled Hosseini.

Ninth Idea

Know about the long lasting conflict between Amir and Assef to make the content interesting. So the plot construction must be observed by a writer to write the attractive write-up on Kite Runner.

Tenth Idea

Through several content reviewing and editing, you will have confidence to format the content before handing over it to superiors.

In this connection, comments of Kite Runner reviewers and well known critics will fuel up your mission to complete the writing assignment on Kite Runner smoothly.

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