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The world of writing today has been turned on its head thanks to the information superhighway. The Internet has brought together writers and people who need writers in ways we never even dreamt about. There has always been networking but the ability to network using any or all of the online facilities, means that you can present yourself and your talents to the world at large.

So the big assumption here is that you have appropriate writing skills. Don't make a mistake here. Just because a person can write a letter doesn't make them a writer. It is a craft. It is a skill. If you don't have those skills then it is up to you to get them but assuming you have writing skills such that it is quite possible for you to get paid to write essays.

How I do it?

While there are different ways of finding work. Some writers choose one method while others choose something else. It's entirely up to you. Here are three ways or methods to help you find work as an essay writer.

Some people like to go solo. They want to be in charge of their own operation. If that's you and you are able to find work, then good luck. You need to advertise or promote yourself as a writer of essays. That need not necessarily cost any money. By promoting yourself via say your own blog, you can advertise your services and wait for the email or the phone to ring.

Alternatively you can take advantage of the Internet and start networking. You can join writers’ forums and discussion groups. You can promote your services in this particular way. Alternatively you could contact other essay writers and tell them that you are available and ask to see if they wish to pass on some of their excess work to you.

The third and possibly the easiest way of getting paid to write essays is to join an agency. This is particularly true if the agency is large, well-established and has an excellent reputation. A good quality essay writer will always be in demand. It is up to you to find these various agencies and then sell yourself. The main benefit of course is that you then don't have to go looking for work as the agency provides this for you. You may not get as much money as you would if working solo but then working solo means you have to find the jobs yourself.

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