Role of The Director of Patient Records

The ways in which nursing wards are organized, and their organizational structures, have been studied many times in an effort to establish factors that influence job satisfaction. One study found that regardless of organizational structure, a supportive environment in the setting was the most important contributing factor to job satisfaction among nurses. This paper will discuss the job responsibilities and role functions of Kristen DeKyser, the Director of Patient Records for Genesis Health Systems, information which was obtained by an interview.

Ms. DeKyser has been at her position for five years, and has a BS in health services with a minor in Human Resources. Currently, she is working on a policy for Employee Resolutions. Ms. DeKyser believes that her contribution to the organization is that she focuses on performance improvement and the ways in which it can impact an organization. As the Director of Patient Records, however, she had experienced a great deal of frustration around issues such as lack of accountability of employees, and a lack of consistency in performance. In addition, it appears to her that people do not seem to appreciate the jobs that they have, or the fact that they even have a job.

On the other hand, Ms. DeKyser is pleased with certain other aspects of the position: she enjoys the fact that she is challenged by situations which are very different from each other, the fact that she comes into contact with a variety of people, as well as bringing "tools to the table" that help her problem solve, causing a difference in productivity. She was always aware that she wanted to have a career in healthcare, and was able to get into Human Resources through an internship.

What are the qualities that are essential for a Director of Patient Records? Ms. DeKyser believes that one must be able to network easily as well as be able to talk to people with whom one is not familiar. In addition, one needs to have an open mind as well is to be able to learn from each situation and build on it. During a typical workday or week, her role is to work on policies; for example, she needs to develop a new request form that will reword the organization’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. She must stay current with termination policies, as well as those connected with ADA, EEOC, and other federally mandated principles.

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