What is the Purpose of Your Essay?

Finding the purpose of your essay is essential to planning what to write about. If you find that you have an interesting subject, but not necessarily a decent purpose, it might be better to reconsider your choices in order to construct a better essay. The purpose should be a specific objective that you hope to achieve by writing about a certain topic that will in turn expose new information to the readers. The objective can serve a personal goal, or be a goal to inform the readers about an important subject that you feel they should know about. Whatever the reason, take a time to develop the purpose, and this will help determine what kind of essay you will construct.

Forms of Essays According to Purpose

If you are looking at a cause and effect scenario, it is best to pursue writing your essay in a cause and effect manner. The first part of your essay should be encompass the thesis, which is your blueprint to the rest of the essay. Your thesis is the part of your essay that clearly states the topic that will be explored, all the while exposing your purpose. Once the thesis is constructed, look for cues as to which type of essay you will be able to write. If you find that your subject is a has a clear cause and effect scenario, that means that drawing parallels in a cause and effect essay format in your essay would be a wise essay format to utilize. Conversely, if your purpose of the reader is to describe a scenario, you may be able to create a descriptive essay. Persuasive essays are another format to use if you are interested in convincing the reader of a certain viewpoint. It is possible that more than one type of format will bleed into each other, but if you set the format in the beginning, you can use that particular theme for your essay in order to ensure consistency.

Reaching the Purpose

By the conclusion paragraph, your essay topic should be thoroughly explored and the purpose of the essay should be fulfilled. Refer to the thesis and the last conclusion, and reflect on the body of the essay to make sure you are being consistent. This way, as the author you ensure that the purpose is well documented and explored in an in depth way. It is important that you reach your purpose in a strategic way, and using varying formats will help with that.

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