Major Precautions to Consider When Placing Your Essay Order with a Writing Company

If you’re having trouble with a tricky writing assignment, it may be time to turn to a custom essay writing service, such as the many that are offered online. Online writing services can allow you to locate an accomplished and experienced writer, specify your assignment requirements, and procure a high-quality essay in no time. A growing number of university and graduate students are turning to such sites for assistance with essays, term papers, and even dissertations.

But as the custom essay industry grows, so does the potential risk. A number of sites that advertise such services simply are not reputable. Before you pay a writer through an essay service to compose a custom paper, take the following precautions to ensure your grade and your identity are secure.

Avoid International Services if Possible

Many custom writing services are based outside of the United State and the UK, despite the fact that these two countries have the largest customer base. Generally, if you are in either of these countries, you should seek out an essay writing service that is relatively local. Domestic services are less likely to be scams, and are more likely to have writers on staff who are familiar with the university and course requirements you are facing. In addition, working with a domestic service will help prevent any language barrier or terminology issues.

Pay Securely

Do not pay a freelance writer up front, and do not provide any sensitive financial information when placing your order. Rather than hiring a freelancer sight unseen, work through a service with a safe, secured website. Only trust sites with https urls, and avoid sites with http urls. Verify that the payment method used by the service is trustworthy; PayPal or some equivalent is typically secure, whereas BitCoin, or entering your credit card number may be less safe. Do not provide private contact information or your address to the web site.

Make Sure the Essays are New

Some writing services take advantage of their clients by selling pre-written essays, some of which may have been stolen from other university students from across the world. Not only is this unethical, the essays procured in this manner are typically sub standard in writing quality and may set off your instructor’s plagiarism scanner. If you are caught turning in a purchased, copied essay, you run the risk of a failing grade or suspension from your school. Instead, hire a writer who will construct the essay to meet your specifications.

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