Basic Rules For Creating A Good Essay On Criminal Justice

All good research papers, even essays, are going to require you to become very informed about your topic. You must read about the topic of criminal justice in reliable journals, books, and educational web resources.

The Necessity of a Narrow Topic and Well-Defined Thesis Statement

All essays have to have a narrow area of focus in the essay and a clearly defined thesis statement. For example, you must choose what aspect of criminal justice you want to explore. For example, you might argue that our criminal justice system should focus more upon rehabilitating, say, criminals who steal to support their drug habit, instead of putting them in jail or prison—treatment, not punishment—might be a good title there.

So your topic, there would be one major flaw you see in our criminal justice system, while your thesis statement would be something like this.

“This essay will explore . . . “


“In this essay, I will explore what I feel is a major flaw in our criminal justice system—that we punish those convicted of drug-related crimes rather than getting them the help they need.

The Body of the Essay

Keeping with our working topic here, rehabilitation, not punishment-for drug addicts and drug offenders, what would you do in the body of the essay after you define it so clearly in your thesis statement.

Well, you have to back it up! And how do we back up our claims? Through solid reasoning or by bolstering our views with the respected views of researchers, politicians, any important social figures involved in this debate who can underscore what you have said, supporting your insights and claims.

The way you organize these paragraphs, if it were a five paragraph essay, for example, is to move from the introduction to the closing. The structure might look like this:

  1. Introduction—introduce your topic and then moving to your thesis statement.
  2. Body Paragraphs
  3. Point one- We should give those convicted of drug-related crimes a chance to rehabilitate themselves.

    Point Two: Perhaps discuss here how the rate of those convicted of drug crimes after being incarcerated, is very, very high indeed, proving that the system is flawed.

    Point Three: More evidence of a flawed system

  4. Your closing—bring your topic into the present moment with some case illustrating all your points perhaps.

Research, with a topic like this, is your first step! Use great sources for a great essay.

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