Essay Questions For Macbeth: 25 Interesting Ideas

Writing an essay on Macbeth or for that matter any other Shakespearean drama is not an easy task and this is where people often find it hard to decide the essay topic. Here are a few topics that you would like to go through before attempting the paper on Macbeth.

25 Macbeth topic examples

  1. Examine Macbeth’s story as one of a perfect crime: A person murders the king, manages to escape the law and then ascends to the throne himself.
  2. Macbeth and the fault in man’s character: examine that one factor which brings about the denouement of every single tragic hero in Shakespearean tragedies
  3. Discuss: Macbeth is at base a conscientious man with grueling ambition that ultimately brings about his downfall
  4. An absolute presence has been at war with its other half, making way for the tragedy of Macbeth. Reflect
  5. Do you agree with the assessment of some critics that Macbeth himself if the most interesting character of the tragedy?
  6. Is being ambitious the mistake of Macbeth? Or did he give away his ambitious spirit to serve the devil?
  7. The tragedy of Macbeth lies in how he understands the evil side to his actions and yet cannot withdraw him from committing them
  8. Lady Macbeth enjoys a lot and laments very little command over her husband in the first and last halves of the play. Do you agree?
  9. Neither the husband nor Lady Macbeth manage to evoke sympathy after the king’s murder
  10. Fiend queen and the dead butcher: do you agree with the assessment of the lady and her ambitious husband in Macbeth?
  11. The play derives much force from characterizations of the two cynosures in Macbeth and her wife. Discuss
  12. Are the witches the game changers in Macbeth?
  13. Look at Banquo as the face of humanity in Shakespeare’s Macbeth
  14. The virtue of Malcom versus the foil of Macbeth: compare and contrast
  15. How did Macbeth manage to conceal his true feelings before Macduff?
  16. Fair and foul: what according to your view was fair and what was foul?
  17. Malcom, Duncan and Macduff: what according to you connects these three characters to each other?
  18. How is Macbeth the perpetual victim of his own imagination?
  19. Examine the change in Macbeth and Lady Macbeth throughout the length of the play
  20. Imagery is an important force in the tragedy of Macbeth. Analyze
  21. Exposition of imagery by Shakespeare toward exploring characters
  22. Sleep and conscience theme: Shakespeare’s masterful use of imagery
  23. Development of the image of darkness through the length of the play
  24. How complex is the human psyche according to your evaluation of Macbeth
  25. Femme Fatal and Macbeth: how does Shakespeare build his female leads?

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