Helpful Advice On Writing An Essay On Short Term And Long Term Goals

Our life here on earth serves a purpose. It is not a coincidence why we were born and raised up to be fine men and women by our parents. We are here not only to eat, drink, sleep or play but also to appreciate the beauty of this world and start building our dreams and aspirations in life. The ideas of material wealth and or success in any endeavor are fleeting and transitory, but, at least we venture on doing things for ourselves and our family. Let this article help you to start moving and achieving what you want to happen in the future.

  1. Create a bucket list of what you want to happen now and in the near future. It’s not a bad idea to write your plans in a piece of paper as a reference to the little or big things that you haven’t accomplished yet.
  2. Start with simple plans before going to complex ones. Do not punish yourself by starting a thing and not finishing it. Take it one at a time and see the results.
  3. Set different priorities for every plan or activity you have in mind. Since you cannot serve two masters at the same time, you better accomplish first what you feel is more important to you or your family.
  4. Compose a time frame for every plan you make. Following this suggestion will definitely give you the chance of a lifetime to smoothly finish things at your own pace without worrying what to do next.
  5. Do not procrastinate. Delaying what you want to do accumulate pressure on your part. Stress will likely interfere and destroy what you have in mind.
  6. Develop the attitude of doing duties first before welcoming pleasure. This is one thing others fail to follow. Their idea is the reversed version; thereby, crippling motivation to continue or pursue something.
  7. Be always optimistic. A positive attitude will drive things on the right path and will definitely produce good results.
  8. Manage hindrances or obstacles. If things aren’t happening the way you want them to be, do not be discouraged right away. Instead, check on things that might keep you from doing what you want and devise a better plan.
  9. Monitor your progress as you go along. Keeping a keen eye on what’s going on in your life lets you handle things right away without sacrificing other future plans.
  10. Celebrate every success you have. You have all the right to reward yourself for your hard work and to enjoy things you haven’t tried yet.

Always remember that the only difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one is his attitude. Before doing anything, ask if it’s really worth it because if not, then you are just wasting time, money and energy.

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