Tips on Writing a Business Research Paper

If you're a business administration student, you are likely to write a few business research papers during your years in the program. The first step is to study your course material thoroughly because this provides the foundation you need to come up with relevant topics for your research paper. After you do this you should gather your research at least three weeks before the research paper is due so that when it is time to write the paper, you don't have to stop and gather resources, causing you to take longer on the paper.

Writing The Best Accounting Research Paper

In order to write a good accounting research paper, you want to develop a creative and relevant topic that will get readers' attention. You can get inspiration for accounting topics by reading business magazines, TV news stories about the latest business topics, conversations you hear from friends and what you learned in accounting class. A good accounting research paper should include statistics, charts and new case studies on your topic since readers are more likely to become persuaded of your arguments if you use these in the research paper.

Writing a Proper Bibliography

When you prepare your bibliography, you want to list the authors by last name first followed by their first names. Once you do this you want to type the names of the books you included in the research paper in italics and then place a period after it. If you're only using scholarly articles in the business research paper, you would place quotation marks around the titles of those articles.

Tips on Writing Business Case Studies

It is one thing to include case studies in a business research paper but it's another thing to write an original business case study. Start by stating a problem within the business world as well as the causes and effects of the problems. You should also cross reference recent case studies or literature reviews that relate to your topic. Discuss the methodology you used to formulate your argument and you should also avoid using large chunks of authors' words verbatim to avoid plagiarism.

When you write an effective business research paper, you want to become an expert on your topic by researching the topic thoroughly and getting help when you are not sure where to find the best sources.

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