How to make sure that your essay reads well.

Most of the time the purpose of writing a paper is to make a good impression about yourself on the reader. A well-written essay can tell a lot about its author, especially if this is the way how your professor will judge your understanding of the subject and learned material. First of all, you have to make sure that your essay is easy to perceive and understand. Let’s take a look at the main points that you essay cannot miss if you want it to read well.

What shall an “understandable essay” contain?

How to achieve clearness and easy comprehension in your paper?

  1. Choose the topic wisely. If the topic is not assigned to you by the instructor, you have the whole world in front of you to write about. Pick a topic that is personally interesting to you, but will still present a challenge and will sound interesting for the readers. This way you will fully immerse in the paper and will be willing to show the audience the best or it.
  2. Read a lot, but write only about what fits to the topic. Process a lot of sources that may be connected to your topic and pick only those, which really are. The thoughts you borrow from someone else have to clearly support what you are trying to say.
  3. Structure your thoughts and let the reader see it. If you want the reader to understand you, make sure that each one of your thoughts and points logically derives from the previous. Divide the text into visible paragraphs – it will lighten the process of comprehension.
  4. Enrich your vocabulary. Avoid repeating the same words in every sentence, be creative and show the professor how rich your vocabulary can be. At the same time, do not go too far and use only scientific and sophisticated words – it will prevent the easy understanding. Find the golden mean!
  5. Proofread! Grammar and spelling mistakes are what makes the first impression about the writer and impedes the comprehension. Re-read the essay several times to make sure each and every word is on its place. A good thing is to have the essay read by your friend or relative to have a distant opinion on it before it is turned in.

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