How To Find Essay Help Without Getting Scammed: Solid Advice

It is really worrying that there are unscrupulous people that have devised methods to scam students, but hopefully this information will give you a few tips to avoid this problem.

When you are looking for Essay help it’s always a good idea to check whether anyone in your social circle has used online essay help. Personal recommendation is always a positive way to get information.

It should be added here that Scamming is not just an online problem it can happen by using an agency that is relatively local. Scamming can take the form of selling you a service or work that they claim is original, proofread, and at professional to taking your money and not actually providing a service.

Concentrating on online help – how do you find out if an agency or service is real?

  1. When you have found a website that may be suitable, first look for comment and or recommendations from customers/clients. If there are no recommendations or they are negative ones fond another web site.
  2. Look for contact details. If you can only contact the agency/service through an email address, again don’t use them. Ideally you need to see a phone number and an address, which you can check out.
  3. Some services are happy to share samples with you, but require you to signup with them. On their part this is because if they don’t use a strategy like this then other companies may take the samples and claim them as their own.
  4. If you are asked to sign up for a sample then, you will not be asked for your bank or card details. To get a sample you need only give your email address and answer a few questions about your interest and level of education. If they do ask for your bank or card details at this stage DON’T give the information out..
  5. You also need to make sure that the help that the service gives is genuine. What are the claims? Are the writers experienced in the subject areas or can they just write about the subject areas?
  6. Also be wary if the service quotes you a cost and then says that there are additional charges for things like proofreading and editing or that you have to pay more to have work checked to make sure its original. Surely, customers should expect original work.

The best advice is to be aware of the pitfalls and that pickpockets can operate online.

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