Creating Good Topics for Expository Essays

Expository essays are written with the purpose of defining or explaining a topic. Because this type of essay is all about explaining, the topic can make or break the essay. No one wants to read a dull essay explaining a dull topic, so you need to pick an exciting topic. There a variety of different types of expository essays and there are fascinating topics that you can write about for all of the styles.

Definition Essay Topics

Definition essays are one of the most popular types of expository essays. These can be about absolutely anything, from a word or object, emotion to experience. These essays usually focus on the connotation and denotation of the word or concept so the reader can get the full experience of the word. When writing a definition essay, interesting topics include words that are fascinating to readers, like swear words, archaic words, and slang words.

Compare and Contrast Topics

Another popular expository essay style is the compare and contrast essay. This style is assigned to students in elementary school to college. The best compare and contrast essays show the similarities and differences between common ideas, things, or words. It can be fun to compare movies in similar genres, political ideas from different parties, different genres of music, or courses in the same curricular areas.

How-To Essay Topics

How-to essays are also a style of expository essay. If you love teaching people how to do things, then a how-to essay will quickly become your favorite style of expository writing. You can write about anything that you enjoy doing. You can teach people how to make your favorite recipes, how to build a birdhouse, or how to write a how-to essay.

Classification Essay Topics

Classification essays are more complex forms of expository essay writing because they analyze a big subject and tear it down into related groups. When you write this style of expository essay, you begin with the broad topic and narrow it down as you continue writing. You could write about math and the break down the different types or you could do the same with movies and their genres. Some writers will write about their favorite things, like amusement park rides or athletic activities.

Cause and Effect Topics

The final style of expository essay is the cause and effect essay. This essay style shows the relationships between events or things by looking at the how and why of the causes and effects. Historical events, like major wars, can be interesting topics for cause and effect essays. Scientific phenomena also make good topics, as well as anything that has to do with human behavior.

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