How To Start An Essay To Catch A Reader’s Attention

Developing the introduction (the first paragraph) to your essay can sometimes be the hardest part of writing the entire paper. It not only determines how interested your reader will be in what follows, but sets the tone and voice for the rest of the paper. Because of this, it is also one of the most important pieces that you need to compose out of the entire paper. But, it isn’t just enough for the introduction to do its job (introducing the paper and thesis).

You need to make sure that your introduction is captivating and ensnares your reader. A good introduction makes the reader want to continue reading, to learn more about what is being presented to them. Below, you will three tips that can help you in starting your essay and catching the reader’s attention.

Decide what tone works best for your essay.

If you’re going to be writing a casual essay about a funny topic, don’t hesitate to use a humorous tone. Perhaps start your paper with some kind of joke or funny comparison (make sure it’s still relevant to the story). On the other hand, if it’s a more formal kind of paper, try to begin your paper with a very strong point—perhaps something that isn’t very well known about the topic you’ve chosen.

Add a snapshot with your paper.

No, this doesn’t mean take a picture. Not a ‘real’ one, at least. No matter what kind of essay you’re using, descriptive writing can always be a very powerful tool. Set the scene for your reader with strong, vivid details. Paint a picture and give them a really good idea of what (or where) you’re referring. Make them feel as if they’re actually there. The more immersed they are in your writing the more eager they’ll be to continue reading.

Draw them in with a question.

Starting your paper with a question or two that shows critical thinking is also a good alternative. It not only shows that you have taken a keen interest in the topic as the author, but also gives them something to think about as they continue reading your work. If they don’t have a strong stance on the subject, perhaps they will be able to form one by the end of the paper. Strengthen this style with startling (generally unknown) facts

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