A tutorial for writing case studies: the analytical approach 

The analytical approach used to write case studies is the most commonly used approach there is. When this form of writing is used it allows the writer to break the problem down into smaller fragments. When this is done this makes the problem one that is more approachable and thus easier to solve. When you use this approach you are gaining a better insight into the topic that you are studying and can certainly give the reader a whole lot more information than what you could have otherwise.

Problem solving

Problem solving is the key to solving the problem at hand. When the process is broke down you are making those puzzle pieces smaller and easier to fit into place. It is not at all difficult to use the analytical approach when you are writing your case study.

When the analytical approach is used the writer of the paper can easily switch angles if the situation applies and still make sense out of the problem. The analytical approach allows a writer to be more flexible I n what they are writing so to give the reader accurate, detailed information.

Analytical essay writing is something that requires the writer to think, to research and to actually learn. There is no reason to wonder why it is the preferred way to assign a case study by professors.

The focus of your paper is to learn what happened and why it happened, plain and simple. When you are writing this report you can easily do so by following the format below.

  1. Start with the introduction. The introduction should contain the thesis of your case study. The thesis is the happened portion. Your introduction should be several sentences in length and entail what you will talk about in the paper.
  2. Your body is very important. Thesis tells the problem in detail and the actions that were taken to correct that problem.
  3. Your case study should include citations as to the sources used to gather the information.
  4. The Discussion is the next section. This section should showcase your findings and detail how you came about your results and conclusions.
  5. The implementation is next.
  6. References are also required.
  7. Appendices should be cited as the final section of the paper if they were used.

As you can see it is fairly simple to write an analytical case study so does not be frightened when that time comes.

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