Why Is It Risky to Take Funny Topics for a Persuasive Essay

A good joke can lighten the mood in a room almost instantly. It may even make you stand out in a room full of other anonymous strangers. Unfortunately, jokes can also backfire terribly even when they come from the most well-meaning people. As a result, when it comes to essay writing, avoid humor unless you’re almost completely sure it will go over well. Here’s why:

You might not be as funny as you think you are

It’s sad but true. Most people greatly overestimate their ability to make others laugh. In addition, you may have received polite chuckles while you delivered jokes in person that added to your delusion but when your reader is perusing your essay in private, there will be no need to spare your feelings.

Your audience might have no sense of humor

Some people just don’t get it. No matter how funny you are, even if everyone else who sees your work may end up laughing so hard they cry, your professor or teacher may just not understand. In this case, you’d be wasting your time trying to craft a funny essay so focus on a topic he or she will be able to see the point of.

Your timing may be bad

A joke that is funny and seems highly appropriate can become insensitive or shockingly obscene if something terrible happens after it has been submitted but before it has been corrected. Consider, for example, a funny essay about plane crashes that hypothetically was submitted on September 10th 2001.

The following are persuasive essays that may attempt to be funny but might not go over well for the reasons stated above:

Choose your topics wisely...

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