Debatable Argument Essay Topics for College Students

One of the most interesting types of essays to be assigned in college is the argumentative essay. It is a fun and stimulating essay to write and often comes as a welcome change to the tedious and dull papers you are asked to write throughout the year. However, it is still important to put some effort into your argumentative essay and, like any essay, choosing the right topic is half the battle. Here, I will discuss five debatable argumentative essay topics.

  1. Should gay marriage be legalised? -

    For many people tasked with writing an argumentative essay, this is the first topic which comes to mind, and for good reason.

    Given popular opinion, the "yes" argument for this topic is a lot easier to side with than the "no" argument.

  2. Should violent sports be banned? -

    This is an topic which has a lot of potential for both the "yes" and "no" arguments.

    The argument can be made that all sports have the potential to be violent and so it may seem that those supporting the "yes" argument are advocating the banning of all sports.

  3. Should marijuana be legalised? -

    Another issue being hotly debated online is the legalisation of marijuana. It seems that the "yes" argument is ultimately going to win out.

    For years, the opposition has based their arguments on scientific facts, many of which have been disproven.

  4. Should America be a theocracy? -

    For years, the radical Christians of America have been calling for a theocracy; an America in which the laws of the land are the laws of the Bible.

    The "no" argument can point that theocracies have failed again and again and again. Not only that, but they have caused so many wars that it is impossible to count.

  5. Is social media a positive or a negative? -

    This is another topic which has a great deal of potential for both the "yes" and the "no" sides.

    It is no secret that the internet has caused an incalculable amount of damage, but it has also performed and equal if not great amount of good. This topic will be based purely on who has the strongest argument.

So there you go, five topics which will set you on the path to a good grade in your argumentative essay. All you have to do is pick which one you want to use and what side you're on.

Happy arguing.  

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