Romantic Movement in America

The Romantic Movement in America provided a unique look at personal and intense emotions experienced during an earlier time period. It stemmed from the European Romantic Movement that spread during the 19th century. There were many beliefs that came from this movement and when it was known, at the time, many people were thought to be good in nature but just lived in a world of confusions and corruption. This movement became popular with several groups of people including readers and women authors.

The Romantic Movement saw an increase in interest as more American writers became influenced to produce original authentic content for American audiences. One aspect that made the movement more interesting was the connection with God. Many who would read related content felt they were able to establish a more personal relationship with God. It helped others learn more about the nature of human beings and emotions experienced. The fact the literature was intense and personal in nature, made it more interesting despite controversy. Because Americans at the time were focused more on freedom, many romantic writers were encouraged to begin producing related content that would be enjoyed by the masses.

There were different forms of inspiration that came from the rise of this movement. God was an inspiration for many writers but some critics where behind controversies that stemmed from the relation. Religious ties were questioned with some using the movement to show limited relations with the universe and God. At one point, no fear of being ridiculed was an issue for writers and they looked forward to writing and sharing their content because they felt the cultural connection was important to get out there in written creative form. The literature would present emotions that are strong, personal and featured more emotion than classical literature presented in the past.

Many believe readers and women writers were drawn to this movement due to the religious and emotional aspects that became important parts of the movement. Women writers where known for having unique interest in making their characters show more emotion including excitement and sensitivity. Yet, many people believe women in general display such emotions and it may be easier for them to incorporate and express them in literature such as this. This movement was one of the earlier forms of written works that spoke strongly to wide audiences even more than other forms of literature developed prior to this time.

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