Argument Essay Topics for College Students You Shouldn't Use

Argument essays are one of the popular forms that colleges use for students. It is an essay that makes the student study a topic and then use facts to prove one side of it. It is a little different from a persuasive essay in that you don’t have to try and persuade your audience to agree with your topic but it is necessary to prove your side.

Argument essays add an additional piece that is not required in most other essays in which you will have to address the other side of the issue and explain a reason why you believe the other side is incorrect. It is a way to enhance your claim. You state a specific reason why the other side believes in the opposite view and then state a specific reason why you disagree with their analysis.

It can be a little trickier than other essay and requires not only the typical three supporting details to prove your side, but the opposing view, and your rebuttal. Therefore, there may be some essay topics that you may want to avoid.

  1. Topics that are over used

    Many topics are so over used that they are just redundant and should be avoided. You have probably already thought of the argument essay topic that I am about to mention. It is one that is extremely controversial and works great for this type of essay because it has all of the elements. The topic is abortion. This is because in either circumstance whether you agree or disagree there is that grey area that can be used for the opposing view that is simple to write your rebuttal for. Be original and choose a different topic. There are plenty more to choose from.

  2. Topic that you are in the grey area about

    If you think that you can’t make a decision whether to oppose the issue or agree, this is not the topic to write about. These essays work best for topics that you know the answer to the question instantly and not even some great reasoning can change your mind.

  3. Ethical issues

    There are some topics that you should probably skip. One great one is anything that deals with singling out an age group, race, gender, ethnic population, or even sexual preference. Topics that are personal attacks on others are a definite no.

Besides these general topics, there are plenty to choose from. Find one that you are super passionate about and get to work.

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