10 Important Questions To Ask When Writing A Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is one where you are tasked with describing an object, place, or even a person. When you are working on this type of writing assignments are many questions that you should ask of yourself along the way just to make sure that you are on the right path. When you are writing your descriptive essay ask yourself the following 10 questions as you complete your assignment:

  1. Am I following the directions given to me by my teacher? Did I miss some aspect to this assignment or do I thoroughly understand everything that is being asked of me for this assignment?
  2. Is this topic something that I have personally experienced and am thoroughly capable of explaining to the audience or is it something that I just read about and therefore will not be able to properly describe?
  3. Do I have an outline which explains each of the key senses or descriptions that I am going to cover in the span of this task?
  4. Does my teacher require any additional outside sources or is my simple description an adequate enough source?
  5. What format do I have to use when putting together my final draft? If you do not know, ask your teacher before submitting it.
  6. Is my topic something that I can feasibly cover in the span of this assignment?
  7. Did I use abstract language or concrete language? When I describe something did I incorporate different senses or did I just use a generic adjective to describe one location or person?
  8. Is this topic something that other people are interested in and do I know enough about it to truly convey the details?
  9. Did I cover all five senses with the writing or did I leave one of the five senses out?
  10. Is there anything I could possibly add to the current structure which would improve upon the descriptions and allow my reader to truly feel as though they know that person or have been to that place or understand that thing?

It is important that you make sure to ask all of these questions at the beginning of the assignment, midway through it, and before you submit the final piece. This will keep you on track for success in both this assignment and any others like it along the way.

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