10 Key Points to Discuss in a Leadership Theory Essay

From business classes to human resources, leadership theory is a common discussion topic. After learning about this subject in class, many teachers will have their students write an essay on leadership theory. To get a top score on this assignment, students should use the following ten points.

Key Points for a Leadership Theory Essay

  1. Passing the Torch: At some point, every leader resigns. How does this effect the organization and what techniques are used to provide continuity in leadership positions?
  2. Techniques: There is no single leadership style that is the most effective. What are some of the most common leadership techniques and what are their various benefits?
  3. Research: Students should make sure to use actual research and data when writing. In addition to boosting the quality of their argument, this shows that the student actually knows what they are talking about and has put in the necessary work.
  4. Great Man Theory: Some historians focus on the great men and women of history as the leaders who drive progress. Is this leadership theory still popular among historians and business leaders? At what point does the team or society matter more than the leader?
  5. Ambition: Do great leaders have to ambitious to achieve a leadership role? Do success-oriented leaders fare better?
  6. Interaction and Collaboration: A good leader must do more than just lead. They must also be able to rally other people to their side and get everyone to collaborate on projects together. How have great leaders like George Washington or Alexander the Great convinced others to join their team?
  7. Trait Theory: One theory about leadership says that people must have important characteristics to become a leader. What are some of these traits and how are they necessary?
  8. Transformational Leadership: This type of leadership is designed to get every team member onto a new ability level. Managers and leaders essentially transform the common employee into someone better and more capable than before through the right motivation techniques.
  9. Behavioral Theory: Some psychologists believe that trait theory is not enough to judge whether someone will be an effective leader. Instead, behavioral theory advocates that the manager is someone who learns how to seek out responsibility and set an example for others in the organization.
  10. Contingency Theory: Through this theory, it is believed that the manager can utilize many different techniques or contingencies to achieve the same outcome. By boosting teamwork, project structure or backup plans, the manager can ensure the right outcome.

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